Cardiology meets in Paris

The hotel to follow the JESFC

The JESFC is a not-to-be-missed event for all healthcare professionals involved in cardiology. The JESFC, which stands for Journées Européennes de la Société Française de Cardiologie (European Days of the French Society of Cardiology), is a time for disseminating and following up on a wide range of work. Cardiac pathologies, prevention, cardiovascular treatments - the field covered by this congress, which takes place every year at the end of January, is wide-ranging. But if work is important, knowing how to relax and enjoy every moment is all the more crucial when you're in Paris. So it's easy to combine professional duty with the pleasure of a stay in a hotel close to the JESFC. Porte Maillot and the metro of the same name will put the whole of Paris just a few minutes from your room.

Hôtel 10Bis, elegance and refinement

If you had to choose just one hotel for the JESFC in Paris, it would undoubtedly be the 10Bis. The originality of this hotel's name lies simply in its address: 10Bis rue du Débarcadère. Located in the 17th arrondissement, this 4-star hotel is just a stone's throw from Porte Maillot. This hotel for the Journées Européennes de la Société Française de Cardiologie is perfect, as it adjoins the Palais des Congrès where all the specialists gather. But a beautiful hotel is only as attractive as its address, however well placed it may be. Le 10Bis, built in 2016 and already 4-star, is above all a luxury boutique hotel. We love its refined elegance, its meticulous yet unostentatious decor. Contemporary in style, each of the 23 rooms and suites also boasts modern comforts and the latest technologies. From wifi to connected TV, from top-of-the-range bedding to Italian showers, from spacious rooms to views of the Fondation Vuitton, this hotel has everything to please a discerning clientele. Whether for business or pleasure, you'll be sure to take advantage of all the concierge services on offer. Room service, business corner, baby sitting, flower delivery and more - everything is done to make every moment of your stay in Paris unique.


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